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In this section, we will answer the most frequent questions that may arise when hiring our services. If you prefer, you can also contact us and ask any question regarding the accommodations. Our Company Attention Team will tend to your consultation via the following form: Information Request Form

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Why should I choose DFLAT Madrid when searching for corporate accommodations?

DFLAT Madrid has been working in apartment rentals for executives and companies since the year 2004. We have broad experience and knowledge of the conundrum behind renting an apartment in Madrid.

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What features make up the apartments?

DFLAT Madrid solely makes apartments available to companies when they comply with the most essential requirements in features and quality. All of our apartments are fully furnished: living room, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, with heating and air conditioning, well located and well connected. Many of them have internet access but this option is not always included in the services.

In what area are they located?

In the center and the surrounding areas of the most important areas of business in Madrid: Hub of Paseo de la Castellana, the Nuevos Ministerios neighborhood, Serrano street, the Chamberí neighborhood.

Are the apartments well connected to the city?

Yes. Because they are all centric, access to public transportation is guaranteed. Moreover, quick access to the main streets and roads of Madrid from our apartments.

How long can I say in the apartment? Days, months, and/or years?

In reality any of the above, but not all apartments are suitable for any period of time. DFLAT Madrid has rented accommodations for short-term stays (days, intended for travelers and tourists), seasonally (weeks or months), and long-term stays (for months and years). The conditions and prices will vary depending on the period you've chosen.

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Can I visit the apartments?

Yes, clients can make visits to the apartments they are interested in, so long as they are empty or the current tenant approves the visit.

What guarantees do you offer when hiring your services?

DFLAT Madrid offers companies and workers all kinds of guarantees in order to ensure good service. Normally our work ends when the contracting ends, but we tend to provide mediation service between the owner and tenant if any incident or need arises. We never just abandon the client in the apartment.

Do you have an exclusive department for personalized attention to companies?

Yes. DFLAT Madrid has a team dedicated exclusively to companies. We offer a pesonalized service.

What happens if I don't find the accommodations I need on the website?

DFLAT Madrid has a specialized team that tends to requests of all kinds and knows our database of apartments for rent. If you do not find what you are looking for, send an email to: explaining your needs. We will tend to your request as soon as possible.

What apartments do executives usually contract?

Normally executives look for quality and location. Our apartments for executives are well located in the center and the hub of Castellana, being fully furnished accommodations allowing for total comfort for the guest.

Can all of the apartments be reserved online?

No. Normally only the apartments managed directly by DFLAT Madrid are offered for reservation online. Apartments rented for medium-term or long-term stays are normally visited by the tenants and confirmed by the owners.

What payment methods do you accept to make the reservation?

Companies normally make bank transfers, however DFLAT Madrid also accepts cards and Paypal. All associated financial expenses for payment/receipt are charged to the client.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. The deposit for damages is obligatory and the quantity depends on the duration of your stay at the apartment. Normally it is €100 for contracts for days and 1 or 2 monthly payments for contracts for months or years. The deposit must be paid before you enter the apartment.

What happens if I change the dates of my trip or cancel the reservation?

When a contract is cancelled, the payment for the reservation is not returned. Only in causes of force majeure or if another tenant is found to substitute the previous one can the payment for the reservation be returned or saved for a future reservation. Ask your agent. DFLAT Madrid reserves the right to accept a change of tenant proposed by the client.

How are the keys handed over?

On the scheduled date, normally the day of arrival to the apartment, the parties (tenant and owner) meet. The contract is signed, the agreed quantities are paid, and the keys are handed over. DFLAT Madrid always sends an agent to make sure that the process is carried out as agreed.

Are utilities included in the price or must they be paid by the tenant?

It depends on the type of contract. For contracts for days or weeks, the majority of the prices include utilities although sometimes they are specified to be separate. For contracts for months, the provisions must be paid depending on their consumption, that is to say, monthly or twice monthly, and must be paid to the owner, along with the rent.

Does DFLAT Madrid issue a bill?

If the apartment is managed directly by DFLAT Madrid, so long as a bill is issued and is presented whenever the client requests. On the other hand, if the apartment is not managed by DFLAT Madrid, it only issues a bill for the services rendered, and it is the owner who must issue it. The client must give notice of this need in advance as some owners cannot issue bills and, thus, only do housing contracts.


What type of furnishings do the corporate accommodations have?

The apartments for companies and executives are totally furnished and offer all the usual furnishings for the kitchen and bathroom. The bedding and towels depend on the apartment. Normally in contracts for days, these furnishings are included; in monthly contracts, it needs to be confirmed.

Do they have internet connection?

Normally, in apartments rented by days, internet access is included in the price. For more long-term apartment stays it depends on the owners since sometimes it must be paid as a separate service. Consult the information on the apartment to find out.

Are there additional services, such as weekly cleaning?

Yes. DFLAT Madrid has a cleaning service that can be hired by the hour, on the days of the week that are requested. Get in contact with our agents to find out.

Do you have a luggage storage service?

No. DFLAT Madrid does not have this service, but on occassion, we allow clients to leave their bags temporarily in their rented apartment.

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