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Looking for the accommodations that will be your home during the upcoming months entails a lot of doubts. In this section, we'll try to answer all of the questions that tend to arise when finding the student accommodations that you are looking for. In any event, you can always contact our Student Attention Team by filling out the following form: Information Request Form

About DFLAT Madrid

When was DFLAT Madrid created? / What is DFLAT Madrid?

DFLAT Madrid is an agency that specializes in accommodations for international and National students for business schools and universities in Madrid. It was created in 2004 by Business school Alumni.

We offer both short and long term rentals, which you can book online from anywhere. All the contractual paperwork you need before you check in the apartment is ready to go when you arrive

Does DFLAT Madrid have any bilingual staff?

DFLAT provides professional care with bilingual staff.

Does DFLAT Madrid have any bilingual staff?

DFLAT has been working in this market for 10 years, and has a great collaboration agreement with the leading business schools in Madrid.
We are transparent in negotiations, we care about our brand, and we serve with the interests of the tenant and the landlord in mind.

How does DFLAT help with finding accommodation?

What services are offered with the search for accommodation?

DFLAT manages a broad selection of homes, and helps you find a property that fits your needs.

DFLAT manages the negotiation with the owner, is responsible for the contractual documentation, and accompanies you at check-in and when you arrive at the apartment. Also, SFLAT functions as a mediator between tenants and the owner if an incident arises.

Does DFLAT charge a fee for their services?

DFLAT does NOT charge a real estate commission like other agencies.

We only charge a fee of €600+IVA if you reserve accommodation through us.
However, If your school or university have an agreement with DFLAT, you will get a discount of 50%, leaving the rate at € 300+ VAT.

(*) Only applies to Companies, Universities, Foundations, Organizations, Traver Managers, relocation and real estates agencies that have a agreement with DFLAT or are usual customers.

Is there a way that DFLAT won´t collect the fee?

DFLAT will return the fee if you recommend DFLAT to a friend and they reserve a flat. Also, if you find a candidate to rent your apartment when you leave, you will receive the fee back.

Student housing

What types of accommodations does DFLAT Madrid offer?

DFLAT has a wide range of types of accommodations:

-Apartments from 1-6 bedrooms
-Rooms in shared apartments
-Rooms in residences

Are the apartments furnished?

Yes, DFLAT Madrid specializes in furnished and fully equipped apartments, depending on the category of apartment that you choose.

How long can I rent an apartment?

The minimum rental period is going to depend on the apartment you choose and the dates you want. The minimum stay will be at least a month and the maximum stay is two years with the possibility to extend.

Do you accept reservations for periods of a few days?

If you need to rent an apartment for a few days or maybe a week or two for yourself, your family, or visitors, we have apartments for rent specifically for short stays in our website

You can always contact your Agent in DFLAT Madrid for more information and help.

Are water, gas and electricity utilities already installed?

All of our apartments have the water, gas, and electricity services installed.

Are these utilities included in the rent?

The utilities are NOT included in the rent, they are paid upon consumption.

Do you have apartments with internet installed?

Most apartments do not have internet connection or phone contracts. Check the description on the internet to confirm the services that are available. In case these things aren´t supplied, you can easily set up these services on your own with the company you prefer, generally in less than one week. We recommend: Movistar, Orange, Jazztel.

How are payments made, and what is the approximate cost?

Payments are made every month, subject to the renter paying the cost directly according to the receipt, or, failing that, through direct deposit transactions with your bank in Madrid. You should pay by the method that was agreed upon between you and the Landlord.

Can I live with my pet?

It all depends on the owner of the flat. Some owners accept them while other´s don´t allow pets. You should find out if pets are allowed before you make the reservation.

Do the apartments come with bed linen and towels?

It is not the responsibility of the owner to provide bed linen and towels but are available in some apartments.

Do the apartments have kitchen utensils?

The apartments have basic kitchen utensils.


If I´m a foreigner, do I need a residence card to rent an apartment?

It is NOT necessary to have a residence permit in Spain. You only need your passport.

Does DFLAT offer their services to all foreigners, regardless of country of origin?

DFLAT receives clients from all nationalities, and we specialize in taking care of foreign students, regardless of country of origin.

If I´m a student who lives in Madrid or Spain, can I rent an apartment?

If you want to rent an apartment through DFLAT, it is only necessary that you first present a letter of admission of the business school and/or university and a copy of your NIE.

If I´m NOT a student, can I rent an apartment with DFLAT Madrid?

Yes. If you are from a business, you can direct your inquiry to the Business department of DFLAT, or send a request and the agents at DFLAT will refer it to the appropriate department. It will be necessary to show proof of financial ability.


How do I search for an accommodation on the website?

Through the search tool on our website, you can look for available accommodation according to the dates you want, select features, and area of your choice.

What can I do if I cannot find the apartment that I need anywhere online?

Please complete and send us a request, and describe your needs to help us with the search for your accommodation in Madrid. Also, we recommend that you continue to use our search tool occasionally to see if any new apartments have been added to our selection.

Remember that finding and offering accommodation services is part of what we do at DFLAT and comes at no charge to you.

How do I apply for the apartment(s) that interest me?

Apply for the story of interest through a REQUEST. Indicate the floors of your interest and complete the requested information.

When will my request be responded to?

Within 48 hours a DFLAT Madrid agent will respond to your inquiry, and at the same time will confirm the availability of the requested accommodation.

Do I have to pay in advance in order to begin processing my application?

No, DFLAT Madrid only charges when you decide to book the accommodation of your choice.

If I need any information that´s not online, how can I get it?

Please complete and send us a request or an e-mail with the information you need, and a DFLAT agent can provide you with the information you´re looking for.

For any property that is chosen, what is the reservation process?

When you have chosen your accommodation, it is necessary to pay the first month´s rent plus a management fee to reserve the property. We recommend that you make the payment as soon as possible to insure that the accommodation is set aside for your stay.

How I make the payment for the reservation?

The amount of the reservation can be paid by: bank transfer, cash or credit card.

Can I make a reservation online from my home town?

You can reserve your accommodation from your current city, and thus save time and money. When you arrive in Madrid, you can go straight to your apartment.

What documents or information are required to book an apartment?

To book the apartment, it is necessary to provide personal information to carry out the application. Please bring a form of personal identification, such as your Passport, DNI, or NIE.

Can I see the contract before I finalize the reservation?

You can see the contract before finalizing the reservation if you request a draft of the contract from your agent in DFLAT Madrid.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, it´s necessary to pay a deposit. It is a guarantee to the owner. You can find the amount of deposit on the receipt of your apartment.

When is the deposit returned?

The deposit will be returned by bank transfer within 15 (fifteen) business days after last contracted day unless there are no the liabilities to which the contract is linked and there are no damages to the verification of the apartment.

Can I use the deposit to pay the last month of rent?

The deposit may NOT be used to pay rent; it is used to pay for any damages found at the end of the contract.

Is there any type of discount for rent paid in advance?

It all depends on the owner of the flat. Some owners accept this while others don´t. You need to request this information before making your reservation.

Can I reserve accommodation several months prior to my arrival?

If the apartment is available from the date of your request, you can book it.

If the property is occupied now but is available on the dates you arrive, you will not have a problem with the reservation.

If you application is many months in advance of your arrival and the apartment is empty long before your arrival, you should be aware that the owner may reject your proposal.

If nothing is available when you search for apartments, we will put your request on our list of applications to review, but we also recommend that you check back every so often on our website to see if any new apartments come up. Frequently, new apartments are posted that may be of interest to you.

When is the lease signed?

The contract is signed on arrival in Madrid and after inspection and confirmation of the apartment on the part of the tenant. Before arrival, we will send the contract to you by email for read beforehand.

How are the maintenance issues that occur managed during the stay in the apartment?

Any issues that may arise during the stay will be handled directly with the owner. The contact details of the owner are available in the contract.

What cleaning services are provided?

The apartment will be thoroughly cleaned at the time of entry. If, during your stay, you want additional or periodic cleaning, it can be hired at an additional cost.

Can I extend the duration of the contract?

You must provide written notification to the leaser sixty (60) days prior to the end date of the contract, and the leaser reserves the right to accept the request depending on the availability of the property and the length of the requested extension. If you do not apply for an extension, the leaser may offer and reserve housing to other candidates.

What happens with the advanced amounts if I´m not satisfied with the contracted accommodation?

DFLAT Madrid provides updated information a and images to ensure that does not happen, but after your arrival, if the flat does not meet your expectations, DFLAT will offer to you any of the other available accommodations without paying the fee again. Unfortunately, you will lose the amount paid in advance to the landlord. For this reason, we always recommend that you only proceed with the reservation when you no longer have any doubts about your selection.

What happens if I leave the apartment before the contract end date?

If the tenant decides to end the contract early, they are obliged to pay a penalty equivalent to the amount paid as a deposit.


What is the procedure for entering the apartment?

At the time of entry there will be a representative of DFLAT on the floor for the new tenant, the owner is usually present as well.
The following actions will be taken:

-Check that everything on the floor is working properly
-Check the inventory floor
- Sign the contract
-Make outstanding payments
-Deliver keys to the apartment

What happens if, during the review of the apartment, you find damage?

After the entrance to the floor, you have 7 days to report any incident or damage found. You will need to send an email to the owner so that he can manage it.


What is the procedure of leaving/delivering the apartment back to the leaser?

To exit the apartment you must be coordinated with the owner, agree on the date and time of departure. Prior to the departure will be necessary to settle any dues, either as rent or pay for supplies.

The owner shall verify that everything is correct on the floor. Then return the deposit on the agreed time of the contract which is indicated in question 34.

What happens if, during the review of the apartment, a damage caused by the tenant is found?

If the floor has any damages, the owner will report the damage to the tenant. The owner will evaluate the damages, the amount deducted from the deposit depends on costs to repair.

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