Tourism in Madrid

Discover what you can do once you are staying at one of our Madrid vacation rentals. We show you an endless amount of options so that you can enjoy all the enchantments of the city and so that you'll be eager to repeat the experience.

Buildings and monuments

Buildings and moruments

Historical, modern, stunning, simple… The city is full of buildings with fascinating architecture that you cannot miss. From the Royal Palace of Madrid, the abode of Spain's royal family and which today can be accessed by any visitor, through the Puerta de Alcalá, the former Central Post Office (today, headquarters of the local government) or the Almudena Cathedral, one of the most traditional locations as it houses the Patron Virgin Mary of the city.



Did you know that the city contains the biggest collections of Picasso's works of art? The cultural and artistic wealth of Madrid is well known, but there are many other aspects ignored by the general public.

But if we're talking bout museums, the crown jewel of Madrid is the Prado Museum, one of the most important art galleries in Spain and in the world. Located on what is known as the “Art Walk"", inside you can contemplate the works of Velázquez, Goya, Botticelli or Rubens, to name a few.

A short hop away from the Prado, you will find the Reina Sofía Museum, specialized in contemporary art and with a permanent exhibition on Picasso's Guernica painting as its main tourist attraction. The Thyssen Museum makes up the final piece of this cultural hub, which houses the biggest private collection in the world.

Parks and gardens

Parks and gardens

Nature lovers can enjoy some incredible walks through Madrid. There are three enclaves that you cannot miss out on:

The Retiro Park is the most special of all. In the past it was a private park, solely accessible to royalty, but currently it has become one of the mostly lively social and cultural areas. Ideal for walking, riding your bicycle, skating, and even for row boats.

Casa de Campo. Without a doubt, the perfect location to get away from the hustle and bustle of Madrid. It is the largest public park of Madrid (five times as big as New York's Central Park) and in it you can find the Theme Park (ideal if you're going with children), the Zoo and the Cable Cars.

Parque del Capricho. A smaller park, this is one of the most romantic strolls of Madrid. It is located in the Barajas district, on the outskirts of the city, and in spite of its notable beauty it is unknown even to many locals. It has a maze, a palace and of course, a pond with lovely swans.

Tapas in Madrid

Tapas in Madrid

One of the main tourist attractions of the city is its cuisine and what is known as “tapeo” (bar hopping to eat tapas, very small portions of food served with drinks). We invite you to visit the narrow streets of the La Latina Neighborhood, with buildings from the 17th century and where you can stop in cafes and bars to build up an appetite before eating. We suggest that you start your tour at the Plaza de la Cebada, and continue down Almendro street and later walk the street of Cava Baja, finishing the route in the Plaza Mayor, right in the center of Madrid.

Restaurants in Madrid

Restaurants in Madrid

From arrocerías (restaurants specializing in rice dishes), to steakhouses or seafood restaurants. The culinary options of Madrid to its travelers are abundant. There are many charming restaurants, such as Vegaviana (C/ Pelayo, 35), which serves vegetarian good at a good price. Or La Taberna de Liria (C/ Duque de Liria, 9), a relaxed location where you can enjoy a calm laid-back lunch. Lastly, if you're looking for an Asturian restaurant in Madrid, try Carlos Tartiere (C/ Menorca, 35), with an excellent quality-price ratio.


If you're going to buy any gifts from your stay in Madrid, we recommend the center of the city. You can start your route at the <STRONG>Puerta del Sol</STRONG>, and from there you can be carried away by the myriad of shops of all kinds along the way.

Routes in Madrid

If what you want is to ""traipse"" along the city without any rush, an interesting stroll starts in the tropical gardens of the Atocha train station. Once there, you can go to the Prado Museum, discover the Retiro Park, visit the lake and collect your strength to continue onwards to the Puerta de Alcalá. Go down until you reach Cibeles and continue to the Puerta del Sol. This walk will last many hours but you will be able to find many places to rest on Barcelona street (near Puerta de Sol) where we have many apartments.

Another very appealing (and shorter) option is to start the touristic route at the Temple of Debod, an architectural complex donated by Egypt as a show of gratitude. Enjoy a delightful stroll until you reach Plaza de España and, later, to the Royal Palace. Right in the front, you'll find a lovely plaza with lots of traditional cafes.

Bullfighting stadium "Las Ventas"

Toros y Las Ventas

This is a darling building that is worth visiting. It is the main bull ring of Spain and it has the third largest capacity in the world. During the San Isidro local festivals (during the month of May), the plaza and its surrounding areas are bursting with people, wishing to visit the numerous bullfights that take place inside.

Close cities

Close cities

Just an hour away, we recommend you make a short trip to any of the cities around Madrid. Toledo, the old capital of Spain, houses a lovely Cathedral and its narrow streets tell tales of years and years of history of cultural coexistence. Declared a World Heritage Site, Toledo is one of the most visited towns of the interior of Spain. Another town worth getting to know is Segovia. It has an impressing fortress with French influence, the Alcázar and the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia. It also holds the title of a World Heritage City.