Frequently asked questions for owners

Frequently asked questions for owners

The goal of DFLAT Madrid is to prevent your home from being vacated during the year, which is why we will advocate publicizing it and offering it among our client portfolio. Of course we also have low seasons during the year, but we will try to find rental contracts with stays that exceed these seasons, thus avoiding void periods for the property.

It refers to the departure of the tenant from the dwelling. It is about reviewing and making a report, supported with photos and videos that prove the state in which the tenant returns the house. From there it will be decided if there is to discount something of the deposit or not.

DFLAT Madrid will provide this service at an additional cost.

It refers to the tenant's entry to the dwelling. DFLAT Madrid will carry out this work in which an inventory will be reviewed to ensure the good condition in which the home is delivered.

No. The different insurance companies do not provide this service for seasonal rentals, only in rentals of usual residence, therefore, we can not offer it, but we can guarantee that we will study the profile of the people who request our accommodations, to avoid problems of defaults.

Our tenant assignment system is demonstrated with the 99% of safe rentals that we have worked on in our years of experience.

The anticipated departure of the tenant is considered breach of contract, therefore, you will lose the right to the deposit and, in addition, DFLAT Madrid will refund the proportional part (of the commission that we have previously charged) at the time that the tenant has not been in the living place.

Yes. As a guarantee for the owner, we demand the payment of bail to the tenant. The same, as established by the LAU (Urban Leasing Law), will be returned within 1 month of the departure to the tenant, once confirmed that everything is in perfect condition.

For stays of 1 to 5 months a deposit of 1 month is required and for stays longer than 6 months, it will be 2 months of deposit.

Of course! DFLAT Madrid will be responsible for the drafting of the same, but in your review you can add the clause that you consider necessary for the rental of your home.

No. Seasonal rentals are covered by the Spain’s LAU (Urban Leasing Law), in Art. 3, which states that "leases of urban properties held seasonally will have this consideration (leases for use other than housing); be it summer or any other "Therefore, no tourist license is required to rent in seasons.

No. DFLAT Madrid undertakes to mediate in the event of default or delays, but we do not control the invoices for supplies or rents.

The interested person must request the reservation of your home to DFLAT Madrid, if we see that it fits with your criteria, we will inform you of the possible tenant; once we have obtained your approval, the future tenant must pay the 1st month of rent, DFLAT Madrid will receive this payment to facilitate the process. The following rent payments will go directly to your bank account.

DFLAT Madrid handles seasonal rentals of minimum 1 month and maximum 12 months.

If you own an apartment, for rent you can apply the following deductions in your income statement:

- Interest you have paid for the loan you requested for the purchase of the home.

- Taxes and state housing rates, such as the cleaning, garbage and lighting rate, the IBI and the ford fee.

- The expenses paid in concept of community fee: administration, porter, gardening and surveillance.

- The expenses to formalize the rent.

- All expenses incurred to preserve and maintain the dwelling: painting, replacement of elements, various repairs.

- The insurance premium for the home of the rented dwelling, both for civil liability and burglary, fire and other incidents.

- The amounts that you have paid in the receipts of electricity, gas, water and telephone supplies.

- The amortization of housing and property due to attrition (the stipulated amount is 3% of the construction value).

VAT is the tax paid on the added value of a product or service, it is an indirect tax. This percentage is what the final consumer must pay, since it is found throughout the production chain of a product or service.

This tax must be presented by all the self-employed who carry out a professional activity, mercantile companies, landlords of a property and real estate developers. The best thing is that it can be done ONLINE. If we are part of some of these groups, we will have to pay it fractionally in several months.

The period is as follows: from the 1st to the 20th of the months of April, July and October and from the 1st to the 30th of the month of January.

You must register in the Treasury in the activity of Rental of Industrial Premises through model 036; even if it is a flat and not a local, it is under the same regulation. Taxing VAT to 21% (INCOME + VAT) and supporting an Income Tax Withholding of 19% of Net Income.

The Treasury will ask for the settlement through a quarterly VAT declaration model 303 and an annual summary model 390.

. There is no requirement to register as self-employed.

. Do not quote as such in the social security.

We offer homes ready to move into, so it is required that the apartments be furnished and equipped with appliances and household items, to facilitate the tenant's comfort during their stay.