Buy or sell a property in Madrid

We help you get the best real estate investment opportunity  

One of the defining characteristics of DFLAT Madrid is its permanent search for opportunities in the purchase and sale of homes, for this reason we have created an alliance with Invertir in Madrid, a company focused on the commercialization of flats, apartments and buildings in the Spanish capital that also has a team of real estate investment advisors.

Why invest in Madrid? 

We advise you before buying or selling a property in Madrid. 

We help you get the most out of monthly income to your assets. 

Our advice is backed by our team with years of experience. 

To Invest in Madrid you have to evaluate each opportunity from the client companies in the area to the quality of the portal. The difference is sometimes in the details
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We value your property

To be able to advise you, it is important that we know your property before starting, for that reason, the first step is to visit your property; from there we can make a comprehensive assessment, taking into account its conservation status, location and price of square meter in the area to get an estimate as close to its value, this way you can make the most of the attributes that it has. 

Advice and consulting

As with our rental properties, we know what to do to make your property stand out, that's why we take care of the photographic report; you just have to worry about leaving it clean and able to be captured. We also take care of making the visits that are necessary and everything concerning the floor, because we know it and we know its potential. 

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Management proposal

We always lead the negotiation with the client, the key to our success is to get the right investor and offer your property so you can make it profitable and get the best benefits. We accompany you at all times of negotiation, from the presentation of the offer to the signing of deeds. 

As a company, we seek to grow and we want you to grow with us.

Our goal is to complete our real estate park in Madrid and add more options in our portfolio; for this we need investors and collaborators in Madrid who share our vision and future.

Are you an investor or owner and are you looking for new business opportunities?

Contact us and discover the advantages of investing with us.