Get better profits from your property with temporary rent.

You can choose between three different types of solutions,
pick the one that best suits your needs.

Power the rent of your home

From 10% 

    • Pricing review with the best performance
    • Maximum visibility on digital platforms
    • Visits, bookings and check-in management
    • Contracts drafting and documents signing

Full Management, More Tranquility

From 17% 

    • Features from the standard plan +
    • Incidents mediation and management
    • Maintenance final cleaning management
    • Check in – out included

Fixed income for greater stability

Guarantee your income 

    • Stable income for your property every month
    • Long-term agreements and monthly revenue guaranteed
    • There are no void periods and low seasons
    • We take care of the maintenance of your property

Managing properties since 2004

We have wide experience managing apartments for temporary rent in Madrid.
We can explain, step by step, the entire rental process
of your property and we guarantee total security.

Professional advice

We will visit your apartment and based on your needs we elaborate a management proposal focused on obtaining the highest profitability; based on the type of client that would best suit your property, we suggest a competitive price.

We publish your flat for free on our website

We know how important it is for you that your property stands out, that's why we take care of taking the photos for our website, you just have to worry about leaving it ready to be captured by the eye of our expert. 

We only charge you if your property is rented

We take care of the negotiation with the client. The key to our success lies in matching the tenant; we take into account the characteristics and location of your apartment in Madrid to select the future perfect one 

We will always listen to your opinion first

Our extensive experience allows us to know the needs of an owner, however, we analyze your demands and the preferences of the tenant throughout the process to ensure that nothing escapes us. 

No exclusivity clause

You can manage the rent of your apartment on your own. We will always contact the owner before closing any reservation, however, if you have already rented it, we only ask that you indicate the time to know the future availability. 

The owner always has the last word when deciding whether or not to accept a reservation.

We do the hard work for you. When both parties agree, we draft the contract with all legal guarantees.

We preserve the rights of both parts and offer advice whenever necessary.

Contact us and discover the advantages of temporary apartment rental. We publish your apartment and help you get the ideal tenant in an efficient and simple way.